a quest for the "real" Israeli

Home of Neveh Channah - and Weber School collaborative learning project.

Neveh Channah is located in Alon Shvut, Etzion Bloc, Israel.

Mrs. Weglein's 10th grade English Class has been on a quest to find the people who have formed Israel into a diverse, caring, modern state. Each participant has researched and profiled an average israeli citizen who has made a significant contribution to Israel. The rule was: no politicians or famous people. (we made an exception for Reut, whose grandfather won a Noble Prize).

Our discovery? We are surrounded by people who make a difference. Our aunts, neighbors, fathers and sisters are the people who are shaping Israel.

The Weber School is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Mrs. Huff's10th grade Writing Seminar are our partners in this project -You can visit their Wiki by clicking on weberwriters . Our partners helped us get off to a great start by describing life, and Jewish life in Atlanta. We learnt a lot from our partners in the Weber School as we shared our profiles with them.

We have learnt a tremendous amount about ourselves and our neighbors and what it means to be an Israeli

as we have worked on the I-Faces Project Check it out!!

Don't miss our animotos on the Israel at 60 Project. They were fun to make.

We have found a great home for our learning in this virtual classroom. Thank you wikispaces!

A word about our logo: The thistle, strong and vibrant in the blinding Mediterranean sun, greets hiker in the hills, and figures prominently in Israeli poetry. Decorating the landscape in celestial hues, and protecting itself with an invincible armor, this flower is truly the face of Israel. Photo by Yaakov Weglein

This is us in the lobby of our school. Photo taken the day we started the project.

This is us in the lobby of our school. Photo taken the day we started the project.


Ever wonder what the Etzion Bloc looks like? Have a look at this clip for an idea!

Our Profiles

Visiting Hebron During Succot

Touring the Streets of Rechaviah, Jerusalem on Succot.

Reading Judah Halevi's Poetry in Rechaviah, Jerusalem (Ivrit)

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