Your next job will be posted each Sunday morning on this page.
Due date is Wednesday of that same week
Please use this page to keep track of your own progress. Grades will be distributed via private email or in class -- if this strike ever ends.

Good Luck -- Melissa


Job # 9

1. Visit Weberwriters. Click on Students in the menu.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile, and click on My Home, and on Interview questions. Using the discussion tab, respond to at least one person. Your response should be at least 50 words. I found the My Home entries particularly interesting, and I got a great look into the lives of our colleagues in Atlanta.


Job # 1

............. Care Package................ due: Oct 1 Bring an item to include in a care package to The Weber School. Put in in my box in the teacher's room.

Job # 2

...............Self-Profile.................. due: Oct 10
Expected length: About 250 words
Please write a profile of yourself including your personal interests and values, family details, hobbies, favorite pasttimes, volunteer experiences, school life, daily schedule etc. To post: open the page entitled Our Profiles. Create a page for yourself titled with your name. Cut and paste your word document onto that page.

Job # 3

...............Self-profile discussion .........due: Oct 16
Expected length 50-100 words
Enter the weberwriters wiki, and click on Students . Read the Weber students self-profiles, and send a discussion note to at least two Weber students. First come first serve means that if someone has already commented on one profile, you need to find another profile that has no discussion started. Once all profiles have been commneted on, you may continue by choosing others to comment on.

Job #4

........... Poetry Corner............... due: Oct 24
Expected length: 150 words

Please go to the page entitled Poetry Corner. Read the poem and comment on it on the discussion page. Here are a few things to wonder about that may help guide your discussion
A. Why are the lines divided as they are?
B. Why did a poet choose a certain word instead of another?
C. What tone is present in the poem? What voice? humor, toughness, anger, tenderness, wistfullness?
D. Why does the poem begin as it does?
E. What is left unsaid in the poem?
F. How does this peom try to represent Israeli culture or life?
G. In your opinion does it succeed?

Job # 5

.............A. Ongoing Jobs....................
.........................B. Images..............................

A. Ongoing Jobs

: Please visit your profiles and your Atlanta Colleagues profiles, and respond to at least one more ongoing discussions.
Please visit Poetry Corner and read the very interesting comments on the Poem "Dream in Spanish" Respond to at least one comment. It can be a response to a student from either school.

Please visit "Weekly Question" This is a page that is linked to both wikis and is meant to be a consolidated discussion on topics that seem to interest many people. If you have initiative and have something to say, this page will be great for you. While not every student will have something new to say about each question, I expect this to be one of the most exciting spots to visit and the discussion to be lively. Follow instructions posted on that page. Length of answers may vary. You must post on this site once a week.

B. Images

: Take a photograph of something in your community, or surrounding area, that is special or interesting to you. In a short essay (50-100 words), explain what is represented in the photo, and why it is significant, interesting, special, characteristic of your community, and of course, how it helps create the face of Israel. Download or scan the photo, and post it together with your caption on the Images Page.

JOB # 6

This week, I would like each student to find a link to a song or poem that, in your opinion, shows the face of Israel.If the link is not in english, then please provide a translation. Once you have chosen your link, write a one-paragraph introduction that explains what you find compelling about this poem/song. How does it represent your image of Israel?
How to post:
Go to The Poetry Corner. Open the My Turn page. click Edit this Page. Post your Introduction and the link under your name. If you have translated the poem, post the translation here as well.

Job # 7

I-Faces Project will commence this week. In short, you need to come to class on Thursday, Nov 22 at 12:00 pm in the computer room, where the project will be explained in depth. You will also be shown how to utilize the wiki and other internet resources in execution of this project.

Bring with you a definite idea of who you would like to interview for you project. Go now to I-Faces Project from the menu bar on the left of this screen. There, you will get a better idea of the scope of this project.
Job # 8Weekly Question Page

Please visit the discussion of the weekly question, and respond to at least two of the weber school comments. Also, submit ideas for more weekly questions.