My name is keren I live in Elazar that is a small village in Gush-Etzion .I was born in Oxford , England when my family was living there , and I moved house more then 5 times since. I have two brothers and one sister, my dads Israeli my mums English .I learn in "neveh channah" high school. I like dancing in general and I go to a dance class once a week were I learn the " Jas" and "Hip Hop " styles. I enjoy reading ,right now im reading 2 book's: pope Jone (translated to Hebrew )- a story about a girl that lives in the middle ages and wants to learn and open her mined to new things ,and Harry Potter 7 – well you know what that is …I like “Maccabi Tel Aviv” basket ball teem and I enjoy playing to. I have a dog named Barak that means lightning, in Hebrew and a parrot named Tigger, as in Tigger from Winnie the pooh.
I go to a youth group called " bnei –akiva" we meet twice a week on Tuesday and shabbat .I like spending time with my family and being with my friends.

Best wishes