i made a clip on 'gush katif',
because i find it very importent that we keep it in our hearts, and keep learning more and more about it.
may you never forget what a beautiful place it is!!

Israel's prime ministers
I put in the clip all the prime ministers that Israel had with their goverment date.
This clip is longer than the rest (2:40)
I used the song 'Circle of Life' from 'The Lion King' because I thought it fit the sobject'.
The names in the clip were written in hebrew because it was different class's project. If you want I still have the list with me.

hope you'll like it, orly.

Sderot by Hodaya Bruck
I chose to create a short movie about the city of Sderot. I tried to show the beauty and normality of the Sderot community despite the constant shelling of the Palastenian Kasams. If there was any way to secure their safety the community could grow and succeed. The people of Sderot are on my mind and their well being should be carried in everyone's prayers.

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Soldiers - Reut
The subject of this project is IDF soldiers. We picked the subject of the soldiers because we connect with them very closely. When we were told to pick a subject for the 60th anniversary celebrations of the State of Israel, straight away we thought of soldiers, because throughout all the sixty years of our State of Israel, the soldiers were always between us and fought for our special country. We chose many pictures of soldiers who were in the middle of fighting or who were davening on the battlefield. We picked these pictures because we felt this was the best way to show our gratitude for all the soldiers who risk their lives for our safety.

Tekoa a settlement in Israel

The Six Day War in Jerusalem

R'nana Goldenhersh

We chose this topic because we wanted to show the connection between the country and its capital city. The many wars that we have fought give us a connection to our home Israel.

This is what makes us different because although wars make times hard they often draw us together because we are all fighting for a united cause. It does not matter if you are Chareidi, Chiloni, Religious, right wing activist or a left wing activist, we are all working together! We specifically chose the Six Day War because during that time we conquered the east side of Jerusalem, our capital city, and is in the center of the land and shows how we are religiously connected to our land. Not only this, but we were also able to conquer such large amounts of land in such little time.

We hope we will be able to fulfill our hopes of taking back more parts of Israel soon and without casualties, and that we should be a united country not only in times of war but also in times of peace.

Israel's Sixtieth Birthday
In honor of Israel's sixtieth birthday we chose to make a video about Jerusalem, Israel's capital. We specifically chose Jerusalem as our topic because it is what represents Israel to us. Unfortunally we do not have all of Israel safely in our hands, but at least we have our holy capital, Jerusalem. In Israel we strive to go to the kotel (western wall) atleast once a year. Thankfully now we are able to do that, to go to our ancient holy city and pray before the remaning wall of the Temple. The idea that we are now able to go visit the kotel is so exciting for us because it was not always possible. The dreams of our forefathers and the generartions before us was to be able to see this holy city, and today we can! We are happy to celebrate Israel's sixtieth birthday, our Jewish homleand.
Eliana Kupietzky and Ayelet Rothstein

Our Soldiers

Being a soldier is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Not only do you have to be very well trained but also you have to lean something that is not easy to teach- witch is to be brave.
Being a soldier means always being at your best, other wise you can risk losing your life.
Being a soldier also means that to succeed you need to be ready to kill the enemy.
We respect soldiers for all the reasons above and many more. We also appreciate them and admire them for everything they do to protect us and our country!

Rachel Katz and Temima Lehrman