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R'nana Goldenhersh - chickens

This is a picture of my brother before Yom Kippur doing Kaporot (a ceremony during which a person sins are transferred to a chicken) with a real chicken. Before Yom Kippur in my neighborhood there are a lot of stands with live chickens were people come to do Kaporot. It s really funny and it is typical for a very orthodox community. The neighborhood smells really bad for a week and it is totally crazy! But I’m used to it! Don’t worry, after they are finished with the chickens they kill them and give them to poor people to eat.
R’nana Goldenhersh

Orly- Judah desert

The view in the pictures are Judah desert.
One of his borders is Gush Atziyon, tkoa.
It is a place for trip in the nature, and also nature reserve. There are tigresses over there as well as eagles.
Judah desert is a very beautiful place to visit.

Judah desert has a history connection with the jaws history– King David hidden himself there with all of his men while he escaped king Shaul. Rebellion people in the time of Bar Kochva hide there from the Romans and so on.
The history of Judah desert, able to show us the hardships the Jewish people had and still have. (ps. the pictures from my trip in the sixth grade).

This picture is from the street next to my house last year in the snow, the snow is coming to Jerusalem more or less ones a year,
when it comes no one is going to the work because that all the roads are blocked,
all the people of Jerusalem which looks always so serious and worried of everything coming out,
playing with the snow like children and having fun,
forgetting all the things that they were worried about and for one day they are children again.CIMG1049.JPG

Maayan Levy-
The Ella Valley
This photo really captures the purity and beauty of our country. from my own experience it helps to "run away" to places such as this and take a step back just to admire what we all have. It's a form of meditation and is great for changing H-U-G-E problems back to their true severity size. Israel is unique in many ways, the ability to get to such great levels of ponder and yet maintain a very clear and open minded way of thinking and how a simple view can change it all in an instant.


Ayelet Rothstein-
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
This picture was taken in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. This is the perfect place to describe the face of Israel. First, where else can you find a Noah's Ark exhibit. Second, where else in the world can you go and see animals with a quote from the Bible where the animal's name is mentioned, only in Israel. In this picture you see a giraffe and a hut, in the hut is where one would find a plaque with the quote from the Bible and the usual explanation about the particular animal. It amazes me to think how much Judaism influences our lifestyle in Israel.


This is a clip of one of our 12th grade class' tour of Israel to learn about the Shoah. It was done when other 12th graders were on a Poland trip.