Creating the environment for a quality interview is critical to the success of your project. We will break this process down into the following segments to make it work for everyone. Use the Table of Contents to access more instructions and examples

Brainstorming for your interview

Due Wednesday, Dec 5

The first step in creating an interview is to get an angle on the person you are about to interview. Probably, you already know what this angle is; otherwise, you would not have thought of interviewing this person in the first place! So, here we go!

Just start making lists of everything that comes into your mind about this person. DONT check spelling, or debate if the idea is stupid, or prioritize ideas, or or or... JUST WRITE!!! the more the better!!!

for example:

Chani Pinani


so israeli
went to the chermon for the first snow last year

in charge of chalva organization

makes amazing burekas
I want her recipe!! --- (great idea for a page)
grandparents made aliya from russia in the middle of the ddd war

originally lived in Metula and experienced xyz during the zzz

Want her to talk about her experiences growing up in metula. and and and

get the idea??----

Formulating interview questions

Due Wed, Dec 12

Please review the online guidelines given. The links are provided below.
Personal Interviews as an Information Source
Interview Tip Sheet
Interview Assessment Form

You need to have at least 20 questions. It works well to organize the questions into categories, such as: Youth
Public service
Family life
Goals and Values
Pay attention to your questions to make sure they will elicit information that may be useful to you in creating your I-face profile. If the questions are too generic or specific, you will not have much to go on when you sit to write the profile. What do I mean?

Non-juicy questions:
How old are you? Where were you born? Where did you grow up? You have just taken 3 questions to ask basic info that the person could write on a card for you, or that you could get out of the way before interview.
Juicy questions:
I understand you were born in Japan. What was it like growing up as a Jew in Japan?
What led to your decision to move to Israel?
Get the idea?

Good Luck!!


Preparing for your interview

Conducting your interview