Who is an Israeli? What does she look like? What does he care about? How do they contribute to making Israel the awesome place it is? These are some of the questions we will explore in the next few months together. This page is your interface to all requirements and notices regarding this project. Check in daily to see any developments.

Click Here for Printable Project Time Schedule

A NOTE TO WEBERWRITERS: This project will be presented by each student at her Bagrut (Matriculation) Exam. It will be part of her final Bagrut grade in English. Please help us edit and improve by reading and commenting on each section in the discussion area. Thanks!!

Notice Board

March 5

Final project due March 28. Remember that the WIKI and the printed version must be complete by that date. Please remember obvious things like giving your project a title. I will be having meetings with each of you this week to discuss what you need to work on before being graded. There will be an exhibit displaying your projects in April.

Feb 22

Creative Connection is due March 3. Remember to write a paragraph explaining your project

Feb 17

  1. Create a Bibliography section after all of your articles. Use a Heading 1 font
  2. Create an Appendix at the bottom of your i-face page. Use a Heading 1 font.
  3. Put your brainstorm, interview questions interview there. Use a Heading 2 font for each of them.
  4. Check to make sure you have a heading to each section of your project.
  5. Check to make sure you have a table of contents, and all your sections are included properly in it.
  6. Translate the introduction to your animoto, and embed it on a special page Reuven has created for them.
  7. Anyone who has had trouble posting photos can get help from Reuven during the class
  8. Continue editing the articles you have received back from me.

    • Feb 13

    • As I begin a final check on your wikipages, I see a few points to clarify.

  1. Be sure each section has a clear heading that is in HEADING 1 font.
  2. Make sure you Table of Contents is in order.
  4. Make your page reader-friendly. Introduce each section with a few words. ie. "Next, you will see a poem that means a lot to me as an Israeli."

    • Feb 10

    • You should now be working on your creative connections while I read through your literary connections. If you are stuck for an idea, don't wait for class to contact me. Email me, andI'll see if I can jog your brain a bit. I have received many edits on profiles and research. Deadline for those edits is Wed, Jan 20. We are getting rave reviews from the staff members who are checking in our progress. Lets hope that our friends in Atlanta have some time soon to surf our Wiki. I think they will love it!

    • Jan 15

    • Remember to edit your Profiles and Research pieces, and post the corrected version. Save all originals for your final presentation. See below for instructions to guide you through final touchups on the Literary Connection. Due Wed, Jan 23

    • Jan 7

    • Profiles look awesome, everyone!! I'm heating the water for tea, and am about to attack the pile. Remember to collect photos, graphics, website for links, and recipes. I'm looking forward to seeing your preliminary research for the Background section.
Background research: Due Sunday, January 13

Jan 1 At this point everyone is hard at work conducting interviews, and constructing profiles. Profiles are due on Sunday, Jan 6

Dec 9 At this point everyone should have their rationales and brainstorms posted. Interview questions are due this Wednesday, Dec 12. Please check New Jobs daily for new postings. We are picking up our communication with weberwriters again.

Dec 1 Congratulations to the six students who submitted their Rationales on time, and with enthusiasm. They have received full credit, and great comments from me. From here on out, lateness will cause you to lose one point per day it is late. This is to encourage each of you to stay up to date, and organized. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR WORK ON TIME! -- Melissa

Project Instructions

In this segment of our project, each student will create a profile of an Israeli individual who represents one of the many faces that make Israel the rich and diverse entity that it is. She will then do background research and two creative tasks to broaden her definition of the face of Israel. Here is a list of the parts of this project. Instructions and due dates will be provided for each part.

Click on each heading below for instructions and examples










Personal Interviews as an Information Source
Interview Tip Sheet
Interview Assessment Form

Student Projects

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