My name is Hodaya and I live in Efrat which is near Bethlehem, in Israel. I am second of seven siblings. I know that sounds crazy, but many of my friends are members of large families as well. Sometimes it is overwhelming, other times it's convenient. I always have playmates. My family and I enjoy treking and go on camping trips during vacation. Since Israel has a rather dry climate any hint of a spring even knee high becomes a celebration. On our last trip we enjoyed both a kayak ride down the Jordon river and a dip in a water lagoon.

Other than vacations our routine is probably very similar to yours. I have long hours at school( from 8a.m to 4p.m). and I sleep over twice a week in school. We have a six day work week with Saturday as our day of rest. I enjoy hanging out, listening to music and I play the guitar. I volunteer on ambulances that offer first aid during emergencies.

I enjoy arts and crafts and swimming. I'm involved in a youth movement called Bnei- Akiva. I'd Love to hear what you enjoy or hate doing and what you do in your free time. Do you like the area you live in?