My name is Eliana. I am 15 years old. I live in Efrat Israel. I learn in Neve Chana which is a high school located near Alon Shvut in Gush Etizion. Every morning I take a bus to school at 7:30am. Our school is a pretty different school, we dorm every Monday night. Dorming is pretty fun though sometimes it gets really annoying. Its good bonding time with my friends it is like a sleepover party once a week!

I volunteer in Magen David Adom Jerusalem. I did a 60 hour course in the summer. Then had a 10 hour seminar in Sukot then I was certified to volunteer in an ambulance. I love it!

I like dancing and playing on guitar. I love all comedy movies. I love watching doctor shows like house, grays anatomy and scrubs. I like watching also different comedies, and I love prison break (it's awesome!!!!). I love all sports…tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming…

I love!!!!shopping in israel and online..abrecrombie, zara, castro, renuar, old navy, banana rebuplic, amraican egeal, juicy, aeropostale, honigman and more!...

I'm second out of a family of six. My older brother Amram is 16 and a half years old. Amram is a top student in his class and always helps me with my homework. After me comes Elisha. Elisha is 13 years old. we just celebrated his bar mitzvah in June. Next come's Kayla. Kayla is 11 and loves to play piano and do art. Gavriella is 8 years old and loves playing dolls and dress up. The youngest is my little brother Dan who is 5. Dan loves everything that’s not safe! His crazy and loads of fun! So that’s my family :). my family does fostering care. We are fostering now an Ethiopian baby named mazal. I was born in Israel and I'm so happy that I'm living my life here.

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