My name is Chanita, I'm 15 years old and I live in Efrat. I'm in 10th grade in a school called 'Neveh Chana'. I have three older brothers (22, 20, and 17) and one younger sister (9). I personally was born here, but my family made aliya to Israel a little over year before hand.
I am a big fan of food especially potatoes and like eating almost anything.
I like to make jokes and pranks for example: I wanted to write here that my parents beat me or I have 7 stepfathers. But no, I figured that it would scare you.
To tell you the truth I think that this self profile thing won't do much I mean you can't get to really know me through something I wrote, because first of all It might be a lie, or maybe I'll leave out something important like that I like to watch TV, or that I don't like to read books but I do like to read newspapers. So I think that this is a waste of time and it won't really do anything, the only reason I'm doing it is because it's an assignment – see that’s another thing about me I always do assignments. (Well most of the time at least)
Now when I look over what I just wrote I realized I explained a lot more about myself while complaining about this self thing anyway. And that’s another thing I like to complain to teachers kind of jokingly and kind of not.
There I did all the words I was suppose to do – that another thing I don't ever do more then I'm suppose to…

Hope this whole self profile help you get an outline of who I'm am, if it didn't scare you. J (I think I'm fun!...)