This section of your project provides you with an opportunity to express your concepts about the face of Israel in a creative manner. See the list below for some suggestions of how you may do this. I hope you many of you will have different ideas. Each product must have a 50-100 word explanation of of the product, and how it connects to the theme of our project.

Just get my OK before you proceed. In order to do this, please provide me with a 50 word description of what you plan to do, and how you hope it connects to the theme of our project. this can be sent to my private email, or given to me in class.

DUE DATE: Sunday, Feb 24

(feel free to post your own ideas here)

A painting or drawing
A video
A short play, acted out on video and/or in front of the class
A mosaic scene
A theme photo collage
A theme scrap book, including photos, quotes, bits of literature etc
A new israeli banner/flag of your design
An original short story or poem
An Animoto of at least 20 (?) photos