Background Article and Information

DUE DATE: Jan 13

At this point,

you have completed a draft of your profile, and are ready to move on to do more research about this person. You need to choose some aspect of your subject's life to do further research on. It may not apply directly to her/him as an Israeli citizen, but will create a more rounded picture of this person. To give you a better idea of what I mean, here is a list of what some people are researching.

A product my grandfather invented
One location my Uncle traveled to
The town in Europe where my Grandmother grew up
The Concentration camp my subject escaped from
The organization where my subject volunteers

LENGTH: Approximately 300 words

SOURCES USED: At least two outside sources need to be quoted or referred to in this article. They may include original documents, interviews, internet or book research, newspaper articles, pamphlets printed by the organization.

LINKS: Include links to at least two internet sites that your reader would find interesting. They should enrich your subject, or give information about a related subject. For example, "If you like Harry Potter, you will love this Hogworts games site"

GRAPHICS: At least 2 graphics that apply to your research

BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION NEEDED: Title, author, copyright, page number, website and date accessed, location and date of interview. etc. Just as you have learned to footnote in the past.

NOTE: As always, please pay careful attention to editing, paragraphs, introduction, body, conclusion etc.