My name is Ayelet. I made aliya last year from New Jersey I went to Josef Kushner Hebrew Academy (jkha). Now I live in Efrat which is in Gush Etzion and I go to Neveh Channah girls' high school. I am also am part of a youth group called B'nei Akiva. Living in Efrat is amazing because I am only twenty minutes from Jerusalem. My birthday is May thirteen; I'm turning sixteen this year. I am the oldest of six children, after me comes four brothers Natan, Etamar, Gilad and Sam. I also have one sister Leora. I love sports, and i am very athletic! I especially love skiing and volleyball. Here in gym we don’t play so many sports we just run and do sit-ups and jump rope, there are no school teams, and I really miss that.
I think that Burgers Bar makes amazing burgers and other than that my favorite foods are ice cream, Breyers Double Churned and spicy fries. My favorite T-V shows are House, Scrubs they are so funny I laugh at everything. My entire mother’s side of the family is obsessed with 24, we have CTU hats and we don’t every miss an episode; I can’t wait until this years seasons come out! I love all comedies. My favorite designer is Hollister, I really like there clothing and the store is so cool.
My favorite books are The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, and My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. My two favorite places in the world are, Camp Moshava I have been going to camp there every summer. The second place is the beach, I love to swim and jump waves, and it is so peaceful there, I could be there all day. I of course love Israel I have so much more freedom here than I did in America.

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